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Summit Winners

C:F 09/10 Finalists:

Challenge:Future competition 09/10 saw a total of 9 finalist ideas from 3 different categories and they are :


  • Glamorgan-Fanshawe with IdeeaLab - Linkativity Video
  • SureViva with SocialCV: Connecting Youth to Opportunities Video
  • VIP-Romania with IdeaSpot - Connecting the spots Video

  • Breakthrough Idea:

  • Backcasters with New Metro Interior Design Video
  • iLine with Moving Sidewalks Video
  • Rainbow with ConnEd Academy - "Connect through Education" Video

  • IEDC Challenge:

  • 180 Degrees with Envest: Empowerment Through Education Video
  • Disconnected with The Future Leadership Course Video
  • Properity Builders with BLED Sustainability Office Video

  • For almost 2 months till the announcement of the finalist to the presentation at the summit, all the 9 finalists prepared detailed project plans as well as presentations. On 17 May, during the ChallengeFuture Summit, each team had the chance to present and pitch their ideas to a panel of 7 judges within just 7 minutes.

    C:F 09/10 Challenge Winners:

    During the Challenge:Future Gala, the winners from each of the 3 categroeis were announced Winners of each of the 3 final challenge that will be receiving a scholarship at IEDC-Bled School of Management were also announced during the Gala:

  • Breakthrough Idea winners: Backcasters
  • deeaLab challenge winners: SureViva
  • IEDC challenge winners: 180 Degrees

  • C:F 09/10 Grand Winner:

    Sandi Češko, Studio Moderna CEO, and futurist Joel Barker announced that team Backcasters is the grand winner of the 2009/10 Challenge:Future competition. The team consisting of Chen Sin Tan and Yen Ching Liew impressed the members of the judging panel with their solution for New Metro Interior Design (“Nmetro”).

    Nmetro is truly a win-win-win solution. Based on some of the studied cases, it could reduce the passengers travel time by 25%, increase train network capacity by 50% and reduce the number of trains required for a system by 25%. Overall, this new metro design can save money for government as well as the taxpayers, and reduce the raw material and energy required for a greener metro design.

    The team has received the Challenge:Future Grand Award of 20,000 € at the C:F Summit Gala Awards Ceremony and got the opportunity to present their solution again in front of all Gala attendees, including several business leaders.

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