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Greetings from Rome: Say Hi to Niloo Argi

by C:F Team on 5th April, 2017 at 12:47 PM CEST

March and April 2017 have so far been a perfect opportunity to re-connect with so many C:F Summit 2012 alumni members. We were really glad to hear from Nataliia and Olga from Russia, and today we also heard from Niloo from Iran who back then had won a quick challenge we run with the Slovenian Tourism board

Niloo at the C:F Summit 2012 Gala Event 

C:F: How come that you competed at the challenge, and what was your experience of the C:F Summit 2012?

Niloo: A book about Slovenia and its landscapes had encouraged me to participate in the Quick challenge. I badly wanted to win, and I got the first place! However, I did not know what is waiting for me in Slovenia. A group of youth with indescribable energy and creative minds who all were indeed real change-makers in their community. I was so amazed and so inspired by their actions. It gave me the confidence and strengthened my belief in the power of the individual, a drop of water, and how united we are like an ocean. 

Niloo with a wonderful group of C:F-ers at the Summit 2012

The whole program was full of best moments, for example, I was really touched during the TEDx talks. Then there was the opportunity to get to know people from all around the world, all activities within the groups, all lectures by Nadya Zhexembayeva, all little chit chat with members, all the laughter. It was a brilliant experience.

C:F: In one line, what are you doing in life today?

Niloo: Recently, I have got my PhD in Business Management, and at present, I teach and work at the university of Rome in Italy. 

C:F: Niloo, it's been so good to hear from you! Keep on being a superstar! Hugs from the whole C:F team

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