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One more greeting from the Baikal - Say Hi to Olga!

by C:F Team on 20th March, 2017 at 1:22 PM CEST

Last week we already catch up with Nataliia from Russia, one of the Grand Award winners of the C:F Summit 2012. Today, we reach out to Olga Toloknova from the same team as Nataliia that won big times in 2012. Here's what Olga has shared with us:

"Actually, I cannot believe that 5 years already flew away. Looking back, I would say that C:F, not just the winner status, gave me the confidence of what I am doing. This is like I met people close to my way of thinking. And when our team became a winner, I was full of energy and was sure I am on the right way. And, of course, we faced some problems which essentially provided us with some really important lessons. Some of these lessons were that team-work could be very challenging and cooperate with each team member. When you are just by yourself it is easier to make a decision. The second thing is money. When you have shared money, it could be a big problem and lesson at the same time. However, being the winner... I would say that I feel responsible that it was the moment that affected everything I am doing now and my lifestyle in general."

"Nowadays, I work in a big company, have a high position and I like what I do. The chief of the company is satisfied with the work results I deliver and it means a lot to me. From time to time, I involve in different projects, such as consulting as people trust me and ask me for a help. It gives me the understanding that I chose the right path and I am still on it. Now, I am also starting my own business. It's small but anyway I feel happy even I am very very tired. :)"

"As per challenge:Future it is without a doubt I am happy and satisfied I participated in the competition and be part of the community. I am here to grow the community further to new places and different countries," also adds Olga. 

Stay tuned as we reach out to more winners and community members of the CF Summit 2012! 

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