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Meet Marija Georgievska - C:F Virtual Marketplace

by C:F Team on 9th October, 2016 at 11:23 PM CEST

In September 2016 we opened our first C:F Virtual Markeplace and we presented to you the first participant of this brand new initaitive - Michala from Romania (see issue HERE). Today, we bring forward another C:F-er, part of this action: Marija Georgievska from Skopje, Macedonia. 

C:F Team: Dear Marija, we are most happy to welcome you on board the Challenge:Future. To start with - very briefly - who is Marija?

Marija: Graduate in General & Comparative Literature, born in Skopje, living there still. Before my Literature degree, I finished art school as a tehnician in making sculptures. My whole work, throughout my life, has been about keeping it all on the creative side. I was always able to create stories in the back of my head. And I was always curious and willing to find new media how to express those stories, hence the books, the writing, the painting, the sculptures, the illustrations...

C:F Team: Is there a particular memory from your childhood, that is somehow connected to how you gre up to be a creative? 

Marija: Since a very little girl, I would remember how along with all children from the neighborhood we would just gather and play in the ground. We just loved to "cook" and "prepare meals" from mud. I always wanted to decorate "my dish", so I would have added some green leaves, some flowers, so on and so forth. When I recall this memory, I think it is tied somehow with being creative and artistic. Not in the sense of creating the perfect piece of art, but in the sense that playfulness with the 'cooked meals from mud' was an early sign, where I would keep eye on the details. It's about being a bit practical as well. Some first effort to keep looking for a better 'creative output' as a final result.

C:F: And what sort of art do you do these days? 

Marija: Up until a year ago, I would admit that I believed that I will create art only with my brush, on the canvas, so on and so forth. I thought that there is no way that I would work with computer programs, and that I would be able to do make some digital work of art. However, I learnt Illustrator and worked on programs of that alike. It has been a wonderful learning experience. it enables me to create pure forms, and at the moment I love to play with it. 

Through my illustration, I engage tiny details. Some of them designate cities or machinery. In a particular illustration I drew a cat that sits above a city as a Godess, in all her glory of being independent. The whole composition simbolizes the structure in which we live, without an opinion of our own. But the world is an ever-moving place, never sleeping, always having something new built around, hence the feeling like we are trapped in the machine, stucked there static in the concrete. The cat is the liberation from that static position. 

C:F: One final question (for now!) How do you imagine the world in 2026? How does you vision of the world affect you personally in 2026?

Marija: Some time ago I started to understand how fluid we are as human beings. I insist on the word fluid, as I do not believe that anything can be infinite. We think that we have opinions and points of views that we take, but it is all part of the ego. I think that what's more important are the perpetual things, moreover, what would designate human values. These human values are peace, the rightful action, love, non-violence and truth. I do believe that these values are the only states of beings that are not changable, and that should be an ever-present part of life. So in 2026, I must imagine the world as a better place. This is so, as more and more frequently I see people who are looking inwards themselves. More and more wish to go and live outside the city (that is a structure that robs you in a way). It could be a generational think, a sort of craving as a collective that we need to come closer to our inner selves, to nature, and be faraway from the cities that we have built, where we have complicated life in general.

To me personally, such vision of the future calms me down. It disregards the feeling of anxiety. I aim to see everything is in some better order. It is only important to act rightfully, as that is the only way to put up the puzzle in the rightful way. 

C:F Dear Marija, it was a pleasure to hear your answer. We are looking forward for many great things that we can do & share together! We wish you all best on your C:F journey!

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Muhammad Ali Ali

Muhammad Ali Ali

I am thankful to CF team to arrange such an interesting series of interviews.

1st November, 2016 @ 12:03 PM CEST

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