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Meet Mihaela Maxim - CF Virtual Marketplace

by C:F Team on 22nd September, 2016 at 6:53 PM CEST

Earlier in the summer of 2016 we launched a call to look for new emerging artists and/or innovators to join a special new initiative of the challenge:Future community, called the C:F Virtual Marketplace. One of the selected applicants was Mihaela Maxim from Romania who does some really cool artsy craft that are hand-knitted. Hence, the very first interview from this all stars team is exactly with her. Below, read the short interview that C:F team made with Mihaela.

CF Team: Hi Mihaela and first warm welcome to the challenge:Future community and the C:F Virtual Marketplace project. We were very happy to see your unique art, hence our first question. How come that you started doing art? Do you have any particular memory that could answer the question?

Mihaela: Actually, there is. I was 5, and I remember being home with my mother and my father one time. It was winter, I went outside for a little while, I played with my dog - he was as tall as me - it was hilarious to watch us, in the snow. After this, I went inside, my mother started to knit a little sock for me, and she told me a story. From time to time, she would measure if the sock is good enough for me. It was nice, and peaceful with both of them there, with me. And I felt loved.

I think this memory is connected in some way with my artistic work I do now, because I always appreciated little things, my mother is a model for me and everything I make I do is for others - like she made that sock for me, with love. She taught me to embroider, and I never stopped since then.

CF Team: What's your art about?

Mihaela: I tried a lot of artistic stuff, I think that everyone should learn new things, it is useful and fun. But mostly, I am embroidering cute or sarcastic messages, for those special people who understand and don't get offended, or other patterns that have a deep meaning for me and for people around me. I love people and I love stitching/embroidery - and these two combined turn into awesome projects. 

At this page on Facebook, you can find some of my work, some messages are in Romanian, my native language. I would be happy to translate any of them for community members if curious. Soon, I will add some more also in English.

C:F Team: Our third and last question of this short interview (but not the least we are to do within CF Virtual Marketplace) is about the future. How do you imagine the future on Earth in 2026, and how your vision personally affects you?

Mihaela: I think that in 10 years, the world will be very different. I like to think that it will turn into a happy, safe and peaceful place, but I am afraid for some countries this will not be possible. However, I think people will be more united, and the human rights will be appreciated.

Everything I do now, whether it's my work, or my other volunteer projects - are for people, and I don't think that will change in the future. I love to make people happy, it is important for them and for me, too.

CF Team: Thank you Mihaela! We are sure that this will make a wonderful first connection among yourself and the CF community. We hope that your answers have been a great teaser for community members, until the next round and more updates which are to come! Thank you!

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Stefan Alievikj

Stefan Alievikj | C:F staff

The very first C:F Virtual Marketplace participant! Mihaela, that's honoring :))

Happy to connect with you!

9th October, 2016 @ 11:30 PM CEST

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