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Your Basic Thinking / Strategy making process

by Jatin Kataria on 11th December, 2013 at 11:30 PM CEST

Hello everyone,

This is RJ Jats from Radio CF. I am back with my article on Thinking Process or Strategy Making process.

Did you ever faced situation like

  • You finish your work / event / project / studies / degree and then you realize it was not supposed to do.
  • You perform best and your superior is not satisfied with your work
  • You work hard and then you realize the expectations were not like that
  • You start with some purpose and you end up finishing at something different than your purpose

And so on

Don’t worry, it’s not only your problem. Whole world is facing these kinds of problems. In fact world’s best organizations are also facing the same. They invest huge amount of money and time, but outcome is never for those things which needs to be achieve and at the end all things leads us nowhere. You might be thinking that few things are correct. This RJ has point. Let us try to understand WHY it’s happening. 

When situation like it occurs and we realise - what we do is, discussions / evaluation which generally focus on what is the issue. Core part is we should understand the WHY of that issue. In simple words, it’s like coming to conclusion that that patient has Malaria, but our focus should be why patient has Malaria. So what & how it can be done? 

We should don’t judge anything / anyone / any situation, instead we should try to understand what happen and why it happened.

I was giving speech at international conference of The Youth Republic on “Think – DO – Impact”. I said, all 3 terminologies think, do and impact are amazing at its own place but it only create miracle when all 3 come together.

Problem is different, because there are people who are

  •  Thinking and thinking a lot, and not doing it
  •  Doing but not thinking on why they are doing it
  •  Impact is always will come whether you do / not do, what matters is DEEP Impact

Main focus should be your purpose behind anything. I personally believe that you need think before you think. Because if you know why you are thinking, then whatever you will do – it will be DEEP impact. Ultimately Purpose matters. Most important part beyond impact is to sustain that and it only happens when you are clear with your purpose.

Last Story + 1 thinking process to share

Someone asked that what is your dream about your initiative after 1 year, very next second question is different and it is what is your dream after 5 years – 10 year – 20 years. Still mind was working and formulation of answers was going on. Suddenly he asked what is your dream about this initiative is after 100 years. Sounds funny but best part of that question was that if you think about 100 years, you will keep yourself out of it and then purpose comes in centre and it leads to DEEP impact.

Thinking process:

3 things are very imp

PURPOSE --- Process --- DEEP Impact

If you focus on purpose and you define what exactly you want to achieve (not impact, I am talking about DEEP Impact). Once you know these 2 heads, you will design PROCESS to achieve it. While designing process you need to understand that, today’s solution might become tomorrow’s problem. You should be clear on what you will not do, you can be flexible on what you will do.

If you are not able to achieve your DEEP impact, even by keeping your purpose in focus then there is some problem with your Process of doing. Just identify them and redefine. When problem comes don’t try to focus on it instead try to think on whether you can rectify it or not, if yes then how. Because we need to think on why we are thinking. More important is, whatever solution you are providing is sustainable or not?

Last tip from RJ Jats is,

“Think before you think on (Why + What) you are gonna think”

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Dharmesh Bhadja

Dharmesh Bhadja | Action team

purpose matters a most. but very imp reflection, do we always know why we are doing? yes we have our beliefs about why. they are invariably changing by the time, is our common experience. to end up nowhere is not always the story.

We generally start treating malaria with the purpose to eradicate the disease and we have our own theories of WHY anyone got malaria. the belief about why contribute in forming the process and out come will be proportionate to that.

Strongly agree with you that many a times, your purpose led you to the outcome, which we have not visualized fully when we start the process.

so let me connect like this: PURPOSE --> Process --> Impact --> Evaluate --> more clarity --> better processing --> better impact.

Keep RJ-ing...

16th December, 2013 @ 2:06 PM CEST

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