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Dawning of a new era

by Anuja Yadav on 10th December, 2013 at 11:51 PM CEST

Computers, mobiles and internet are the technologies of yesterday, today and tomorrow. It’s imperative that we understand the implications of the complexity of these technologies and their overarching purpose and impact as well. These technologies are the harbingers of good and evil. They are defined by laws and set in the context of various frameworks. It’s a web, as aptly put.

How do we start to redefine these technologies? What does technology mean to you? It’s not just an era of new contexts, it’s an era that requires new definitions, evolving laws and better understanding. The world is more connected. How many times have we heard this? But can we see social media from various perspectives?

Technologies ranging from networks to firewalls are not only invasive but hard to fathom in a short span of time. Just when you thought technology has made your life easier, the darker side looming not far behind caught your attention. Your life has become that much more accessible and public. What’s more technology is evolving rapidly. You are just a mouse click away from your own virtual self – all on the web. Stringent regulations are imperative. The Matrix might just become a reality!Numerous surveys have been conducted to understand how technology impacts us personally, socially and commercially.

Ernst and Young conducted a survey in India to understand how businesses are smartly using technologies. 95.7% of the respondents utilized technology to build communities/ advocates while 76.1% highlighted brand development. Facebook was the medium of choice for marketing.

Campaigning, promotions, creating policies, going mobile and conducting research were some of the other activities.
81% of the success was measured through likes, comments, etc whereas only 7.1% of the success depended on leads/sales goals. Astonishingly only 1-5% of marketing budget is spent on social media as confirmed by almost half of the organizations surveyed. Marketing, PR, CSR and thought leadership are some of the functions of social media.

Recruitment through online channels as an effective source cannot be discounted, something overlooked by the Ernst and Young study. This is one of the best ways to reach out to the youth population as well. Traditional recruitment channels are still the leaders in recruitment but social media is a competitive third as an effective source. Highest quality candidates still come from social media next only to employee referrals.

The top most utilized social media platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. There are many other business tools in use as well like SurveyMonkey, WebEx, CRM software, etc. Google tools, blogging, youtube, foursquare and Pinterest are some of the other popular social media technologies. Keep these tips in mind before venturing out on your own social media initiative. As Alexis Ohanian quoted: “It takes discipline not to let social media steal your time.” 

Anuja Yadav, C:F Writers, Action Team # 11 

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Dharmesh Bhadja

Dharmesh Bhadja | Action team

Nice work Anuja.

ping me, post at my wall, message me on whatsup - is the new language now... and worth using these to make the world even smaller.

12th December, 2013 @ 5:51 AM CEST

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