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The Magic Box

by Hina Hazrat on 4th July, 2013 at 11:38 PM CEST

“With gazing eyes, curved teeth and an unpleasant expression, I entered in my classroom. The black board seemed to be messed with letters and numbers, for me they appeared to be just standing human beings oppressing the one not gorgeous, I found my reflection,” writes Ali in a pink diary of his primary school.

With red ink, Ali continues, “The other day at school, I found a real beauty running upstairs with pins crossed along her hair. Her persona inspired me.”

“Hello class! I am your new teacher,” said the woman, not inspiring just me, but the whole class. Seeing myself being so secluded at class, so-called hindmost bencher by the other fellows, sitting alone under a desiccated tree, the teacher came to me and asked if I could visit her before the last bellowing bell of school strikes our ears. I nodded giving a green sign.

I entered her room, with a grin, as I felt so blissful from the inside. “So, Ali why were you so quiet in the class?” she questioned.

“I feel myself not being able to focus on studies, very negligent, bullied by class fellows for the kind of unpleasant personality I own. I really feel myself disadvantaged with a hole in my eardrum,” I replied with moans, perspiring just like being dipped in well for a while.

She asked, “Well, I have got a solution for anything and everything that you want. Do you want to know?”

“Yes, madam,” was my only answer.

“OK, so here I present you one of the staggering gifts that changed my life and from now on, that probably is going to be yours. I was too weak in studies and my grandmother gifted me a golden magic box. I just had to open the golden magic box, speak to it and think that I was the best. And believe what? In the next exams soon after I had the magic box, I secured highest marks in the class and number of friends I had, kept on burgeoning. Isn’t it so trouble-free?” she asked.

I instantaneously said, “Yes!”

She gifted me the box with a grin. For some days I visited her room, asking how to open and close the magic box. With how much space I should speak to the box? Should I be loud? My every question made her smile and as a good teacher she answered effortlessly which transformed my life.

Right before studying, I started schmoozing with magic box to give me verve to study, and opened my books by saying, “I am the best”. I found my attention and devotion on studies escalating day by day. The teacher also changed my seat number and made it available in first row, which facilitated me hearing best what is being taught in the class. I started feeling the magic. The magic box, started functioning for me.

Right before a week from my final exams, I was talking to my magic box placing it on my pillow for helping me secure good marks. I slept while I was chatting. Before I could go dreaming I heard a noise. When I woke up the next day, I found the magic box to be missing.

With my eyes bulging out, I entered the room of my teacher and briefed her the incident of losing the magic box. The incident did not shock her. She was unruffled and said, “Since you were holding the magic box in your hands, the magic has naturally entered in your hands. All you need to do is, think of the magic box present in your hands and do what you had been doing with the box.” I regained my smile. “Really?” I questioned. “Of course yes,” she replied.

The exams went remarkable. I entered the teacher’s room again, sharing my notable performance in exams. “Ali, the magic box was an ordinary box. The magic is in you. Even though you lost the box, your self belief made you positive towards others and you started building an interest in studies.”

I couldn’t believe it. Now after 10 years, I smirk on the fact, that small actions by elders can really transform someone’s life. It’s not the box, which has got magic in it. It is us have magic. We need to believe in ourselves and that I still practice by saying, “I am the best”. It is an act, which starts building self-esteem and confidence in the work that you are doing.

We all have got the magic. It is upon us, whether we use it or waste it.


Hina Hazrat, Action Team Writers #11

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