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Frustrated of Expectations? Here's the way

by Dharmesh Bhadja on 4th July, 2013 at 11:31 PM CEST

Lesser the expectations, easier the life. People are generally advised to ignore the expectations from others. Caution! Is that mean to be indifferent to reactions of surroundings? It may become the habit to ignore the all responses or feedbacks from others. But on the brighter side, some expectations many a times represent your potentials, especially when they are positively shared by your near and dear one. The underlying meaning of higher expectations is that you have that extra ordinary capacity.

Important to mention here, openness and wisdom are highly dependent of each other. If eyes are closed than, even in daylight, there will be a dark. Sharing of expectations is based more on our receiving and listening habit rather than others speaking abilities. Human relations and interactions are highly dynamic. We are not able to see or listen which we don’t want to. So, acceptance is prerequisite here for learning and self-improvement.

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In daily life, to evident change between “Before” and “Now” is quite common for all. Before he was available, now he is not. Before she was listening, now she doesn’t. Before I was free, now I am very busy. Before I feel comfortable to discuss conflicts with you, now it needs lot of preparation. In broader perspective the expectations implies on our professional and personal life in this way. It is first about creating and then about maintaining your standards. To imbibe all productive expectations from others in our character is setting positive and practical milestones to be achieved in the life. Life is the constant move. All development and evolution proceed from simplicity to complexity. The mind of man is not an exception. Complexity is mandatory in modern time. High technology like internet, laptops, mobiles, constant social networking etc. has stolen our local and peaceful environment since long. And procrastination may kill the area of introspection partially or completely. An exercise of self-improvement is very simple. When you are disturbed by expectations of others this simple two-step process can help you a lot. Why to refuse all expectations? Let’s get guided by the useful ones. # First write down the expectations of others from you on paper. The best would be that bothers you most. Better if we can categories them based on different roles and relationships we are playing like for a man: as a son, as a husband, as an elder brother, as a professional, as a senior, as a manager, as a leader etc.

# Now, we have somewhat well-defined expectations in our hand on paper. It is easy to make out WHY and WHAT behind each of them. Interestingly, the paper supplies us the data about our investment in various areas and synchronization of all roles and relationships. Ignore the negatives.

# Objectives achieved. After this “putting on paper” exercise, we are no more hypo or hyper-sensitive to the expectations.

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Moral is that expectations may become readily available tips for progress from the people who knows our potential and capabilities.

Have you start benefited by positive expectations?


Dharmesh Bhadja, Action Writers Team #11

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