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Thank you Action Team #1

by Jatin Kataria on 5th March, 2011 at 2:21 AM CEST

Hello everyone!

Being proud members of Challenge: Future’s First Action Team let me start with the quote:

“All glory comes from daring to begin”

Do you have an idea to publish an article? Can you guess how many days a C:F Writer puts in before writing a single article for the global youth of 200 countries? When you read the articles, it is just a one-page document, but the efforts and the hours behind that article are uncountable.

Last 3 months we worked together and tried to give you something that can add value to your life. Our journey as action team writer is almost coming to an end. So now let me take an opportunity to introduce the TEAM of CF’s first action team Shweta, Nubi, Kritika, Jude, Jatin (me!!). Our amazing journey started with fun from day 0 itself and this fun is still alive. We enjoyed Fun + Meaning^2 = 2011 :D

A Showdown on C:F Writer Action Team #1

Take a snapshot of the many pieces of of mosaic that we created for our dear C:F Community!

  1. Time for Sharing and Daring by Shweta
  2. Hope for the Coming Generation by Jude
  3. What's on your playlist? by Nubi
  4. What's your call? by Shweta
  5. New Year Resolutions by Kritika
  6. Radio C:F Talk by RJ Jats by Jatin
  7. Using your Passion to Create by Jude

Plus! Check out a brand new Quick Challenge "Who's the Real You?" created by the entire team!

Reflections from Action Team #1

I started off the journey by asking 2 questions to all our team mates:

1) What is your purpose in joining the Action Team?
2) Being “Writer” of “Action” team, what would you love to write?

Let me share answers of these questions and some unique things about the first action team that will surely vibrate your mind!

Shweta is a very charming girl who is learning classical dance and she loves to interact with the people who carry their heads on their shoulders [Keep that in mind while taking to her]. Her purpose of joining Action team Writer is to express what she thinks and let it out to the world and getting the views in return, promoting to maintain peace in our heart first, helping & co-operating each other.

Nubi is a true leader and very passionate about art, colors, youth, impact [you can dance with his awesome guitarist and lovely music]. He sees Action Team as an opportunity and a platform to share some “idea, knowledge and principles. He also wanted to work as a virtual team that aims at using power of writing to touch the lives.

Jude supports an initiative if values and standard matches. He evaluates with love & care [I think now we all know why he is poet]. He wanted to join the Action Team to inspire more people, build awareness for the problems we are facing so we can move on to set an action, as well as learn more about the voices from other team members.

Kritika loved to attend conferences, read and create her personal bank account [so go open your account in her heart]. Her family is like seven colors of rainbow because they are of 7 members! Her desire to get involved in the Action Team is to take part actively in various projects of CF as a writer and to share creative motivational articles!

And finally me! I was so delighted to have been given the opportunity to be the very first Action Team leader. And I’m a believer of beyond talks so I wanted to convey that through this A team alternate society is born to lead the world. I also would love to make people aware, motivate and appreciate all things around them as well as share small and value-added stuff with the global youths.

Calling out to the Future C: F Writers!

I have 2 little tips!

Firstly, take a paper and a pen and write the answers of the following 3 questions: (1) What is my purpose of joining the C:F Writer Action Team? (2) How will I work to serve the purpose as a team member and as a C:F Writer? (3) What deep impact would I like to create among the C:F Community with my articles?

And finally... Because an Action Team groups together a tightly-knit global team virtually, be patient as someone from your team is sleeping in his/her country *wink*

With a big huge cheers!
~ Jatin, C:F Writer, Action Team #1 Leader

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Sayanee Basu

Sayanee Basu | Action team | CF Chapters

Congratulations to each and everyone in the very first Action Team!

Indeed as Jatin as put it "...daring to begin". I must say even though we were in a highly experimental phase, all you plunged into it and i'm sure with your directions set, the coming Action Teams will be even more inspired!

Thank you thank you thank you :):)

6th March, 2011 @ 6:22 AM CEST

reena kataria

reena kataria

3 cheers for al of u..
i must congratulate guys u ve done gr8 job

i loved al d articles by evryone n d quick chalng also..

one thing i ve found in u guys dt u al wr cnectd to each othr so perfclty n even i found dt if one misses anythin othr ll stand beside n ll help wtout letin knw each othr...unity is essential to go ahead n u guys hv dt perfctly...

jatin u ve given nice lines for evryone i must apriciat ...lik i vent meet any of othrs still i feel i knw dm thru yr eyes ..yr words...

bein a sis i wnt to add smthin about jatin self introductn is nt in our culture

jatin is vry sweet smart intelignt friend ya i must say friend in evry relatn...its nice to hv friends as family n family as friends n jatin truley fullfill dt quote...he dnt beliv in just talkin n cmplainin but he loves to implimnt al in d action...u cn feel d warmth n cn get inspird wn u meet him...he cn b as d othr persn lovin wt frntds ..kiddish wt childrn ..mautre wt colrs in his life..

i m hapy to see his progerss thru C:F...
thanks a lot C:F

16th March, 2011 @ 8:44 AM CEST

ifeoluwa osho

ifeoluwa osho

please how can i join an action team

23rd March, 2011 @ 10:59 AM CEST

Xiaoxian Zhu

Xiaoxian Zhu

Thanks to all your great effort! And really glad to see all your team members are enjoying the work with fun and passion. That is exactly the same which my team project 'FunDoor' is looking at! And i wish all of you can continue achieve the happiness and success in your work in future!

1st July, 2011 @ 3:46 PM CEST

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