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Tip of the Week #8: Ready to trash your party?

by Nadya Zhexembayeva on 23rd November, 2010 at 3:30 PM CEST

If you just got comfortable in front of your computer or phone screen, getting ready to read another TOW, we have news for you: time to get up. Literally! Before going to the next paragraph, do a simple thing - go to your closet, desk, storage, etc (and if you are on a street, do a mental walk through), and pick at least three things you don't really use, wear, and to be honest, need. Clothing, electronics, furniture, old bikes, that new t-shirt you loved but now hate, so it still has a price tag on - anything goes.

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Got it?

Now, we often turn to recycling as the best way to extend the use of all the stuff we have (and the idea of recycling and close-loop economy is indeed very exciting - check out, for example, the world-famous architect, William McDonough, taking recycling to a whole new level with his cradle-to-cradle concept - all in a 18-minute TED talk). Yet, the problem with recycling - or any kind of up-cycling and such - is that you still need to use a very significant amount of resources and energy to come to at least one more use of the product you are trying to 'save.'

So, what is our alternative?

As you are sitting there with your own three un-used things, we guarantee that every friend in your social network has at least three other things wasted or even brand new that were never used. So, why not host an exchange party  - so that everyone can bring their stuff, and all can pick and choose. You will still feel that happiness when you get a cool new thing. As the saying goes, somebody's trash is another person's treasure - and we bet you there is lots of fun ways to host such a party, and all come out as winners.

As always, your loyal C:F fans,

Nadya and Dan

P.S. and if you are really into trash, more useful staff for you: check out 20 things we throw away that we shouldn't - an article to list 20 least needed and most wasted things we buy. Plus, check out an amazing New York Times article on 'we are what we throw away'. Here is what struck us: „That what people have owned -- and thrown away -- can speak more eloquently, informatively, and truthfully about the lives they lead than they themselves ever may." 

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reena kataria

reena kataria

hmmm.....nice idea....

v all ve smthin in our wordrob dt eithr v dont like or v get bore wt aftr many times it happnd wt me dt d thing wch i dont like or doesnt suit me but one of my cousin love i do exchang wt my cousins....

but dis is cool idea dt v cn arrang a party ...wr evryone is supos to tak one cloth wt dm...dn v cn play games n person who win cn ve fst chance to select fm ll b gr8....

even v cn exchang our tifinboxes.,watar botls.,jwellry.,handbags.,kitc hains.,n so on..

i m loving it..

thanks a lot for dis tip...its realy amazing...

24th November, 2010 @ 6:13 AM CEST

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