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Tip of the Week #2: Fighting the Power Vampires

by Nadya Zhexembayeva on 12th October, 2010 at 3:04 PM CEST


Hello, Challenge:Future Crew!

This week's TOW is about fighting the vampires. Yes, those blood sucking monsters taking over most of our households. I am, of course, talking about energy vampires - the many appliances that drain electricity from the blood lines of our homes even when our appliances appear to be turned off or on stand by.

Just consider: a TV can draw 12 watts of electricity/hour even after you turn it off, a printer can draw 11.5 watts/hour when idling, and a subwoofer, 10.8. Some studies showed up to 26% (!!!) of a household electricity is going down the drain, although that number is rather extreme. 

Now, other than physically unplugging everything in your house after each use, what else can be done? 

The easiest thing is to use a surge protector with an on/off button, which let's you switch all appliances off with one simple push of a button. And yes, do go with 'hybernate' if you really need to keep your computer ready for action. Crucial: your cell phone charger will keep draining energy even if you took your cell phone with you (remember how hot it gets? that is the pure waste we are taking about), so unplug and stop the bleeding!

Have another suggestion? A good resources article? Or a different set of data? Comment, my dears!

Nadya (+Dan)

P.S. Have a question you want us to answer or searching for a tip? We are not magicians, but will try... So, shoot!


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Aik Heng Yap

Aik Heng Yap | Action team

I think this is a great tip. It's really something that most of us don't notice.

But I think to convince the general public, we need to take it a step further.. It would be better for them to see for themselves how much it costs, perhaps through an energy monitor. Does anyone know how much of a TV's power consumption 12W/h constitutes?

Sadly, I haven't been able to find a good device.
This one ( ainability/conserveinsight/) looks good, but it's only available in the US now =.=
Anyone know of any other (preferably convenient) devices?

16th October, 2010 @ 5:56 AM CEST

Aik Heng Yap

Aik Heng Yap | Action team

Here's a link for surge protector type smart devices (meaning you don't have to keep reaching for the on/off button): http://www.energyefficientchoi -smart-strip.html
Basically, it allows the configuration of "slave" devices (e.g. printers) and automatically cuts power to them when the "master" (e.g. PC) is switched off.

16th October, 2010 @ 6:04 AM CEST

Dan Croitoru

Dan Croitoru

Here's a nice clip I found on the subject: =ANCFSJSjxQc

5th December, 2010 @ 4:58 PM CEST

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