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Are you... a Young Thinker?

Challenge:Future offers a number of exciting ways for you to connect, discover, and create positive change. Here are just a few examples of how you can accelerate your ideas and impact with C:F – jump in!

Take Part in C:F 2012 Competition

Ready to compete for 3 paid internships, EUR 3,000 cash award and numorous speaking and job opportunities? Join the C:F Competition 2012 – the largest worldwide web-based youth contest built on the principles of radical inclusiveness and open innovation. Connect with youth from every corner of the Earth, make a difference, and earn global recognition!

Get Your Creative Juices Going with Quick Challenges

Take part in short, exciting, and provocative contests run in parallel with the main competition. With unique challenges, you will get a chance to apply your creativity and imagination, engage in open dialogue, and win nice prizes. Adam did!

Join the C:F Community

Become part of a truly global and inspiring community, learn, share, and contribute - or simply observe and reflect! Becoming a member of community is simple – register online, and dive into the web of conversations and happenings!

Join a C:F Chapter

Want to make local impact on a global scale? Join an existing C:F Chapter in your city or university- or start a new one! C:F Chapters are youth clubs leading the work of our youth think tank at the local level. Fun and transformational events, great new connections, and collaborative projects – welcome to C:F Chapters!

Get Latest News and Hot New Ideas

Tips of the Week, Weekly Hot Topic discussions, updates from C:F youth think tank, Chapters, partners and schools, Forum, monthly C:F newsletters, insights and ideas, and much more… See what’s the buzz!

Become C:F Local Representative

Want to spread the word about Challenge:Future and inspire the young people in your community? Join the Network of Local Representatives who promote C:F all over the globe. Inspire participation and promote C:F while tackling youth, society, change and innovation for the future!

Join an Action Team

If you are interested in working with international team members and online, this is your thing! Action Teams are small teams of young people who for a period of time devote part of their free time to creating and manage part of the challenge:future content. At the moment, there are 2 running action teams: C:F Writer Action Team and C:F Create-A-Art. Join!

Contribute to The Future Book

Help shaping and enriching The Future Book – a community-authored provocative collection of inspiring ideas and future insights. Since its publication, The Future Book made it to the hands of great world leaders and continues to grow virtually. Make your mark on the future by posting your comments and ideas and participating in forum discussions!

Come to C:F Summit 2013

Participate in a life-changing event that connects the most innovative youth, pioneering businesses, educators and change makers in profound dialogue, reflection, and action. There are a number of ways how you can make it there – compete, earn sparks, be an active community member – and more!

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