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Are you... an Educator?

Challenge: Future global youth think tank offers educators and educational institutions a wide range of opportunities for enriching the learning process and increasing the level of student engagement. Here are a few ways how you might benefit from the Challenge:Future efforts.

Engage Your Students

C:F can add to your educational curriculum or student activities by offering a platform for youth to explore their creativity and innovative thinking, collaborate with peers from all over the world, create solutions and take action for a smarter, cleaner and fairer future. Whether it is the main competition or quick challenges, students will have a chance to develop real skills and relationships. Explore all opportunities that are available for the youth!

Compete for the Title of the Most Innovative School

Receive global recognition as The Most Innovative School – a title awarded to those with most outstanding students and mentors. Showcase your school – while connecting to educators around the world and exploring new ways of learning and educating.

Become a Mentor

Being a learning and development professional, we invite you to become a mentor to a team competing in the C:F Competition 2013. As a mentor, you can help the teams shape and develop their solutions, improve your coaching and mentoring skills and win free attendance at UN PRME Summit and CEEMAN Annual Conference in September 2013, Bled, Slovenia.

Become a Judge

Another opportunity to engage with the C:F Competition 2013 is to become an expert judge. Grade and provide feedback to the most innovative and inspiring solutions the global youth has to offer – and explore the young talents thinking from every corner of the world!

Support a C:F Chapter

Provide support and assistance to the local C:F Chapter at your school or country to make the most impact and serve as a center of student-led initiatives for a better world. As youth clubs, C:F Chapters lead the work of our youth think tank at the local level. Fun and transformational events, great new connections, and collaborative projects – a new opportunity to enrich the life of your students!

Participate in the C:F Summit 2013

Participate and contribute to a global event that connects the most innovative youth, pioneering businesses, educators and change makers in profound dialogue, reflection, and action. Learn more!

Contribute to the C:F Magazine

Help shaping and enriching the new Challenge:Future Magazine, titled C:F Time by posting your comments and ideas and participating in forum discussions! A community-authored provocative collection of inspiring ideas and future insights. Contribute!

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