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My World in 2020

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My World in 2020

Syed Mehmood Kazmi


Syed Mehmood Kazmi | Action team

Nowadays Technology has made the world a global village. We can access anyone in seconds from thousands of miles. This is all because of the development of technology in modern era, where everything seems advanced. We can see how specialize our life is after the development and innovation of technology. In face it has changed the way of living a life. We can see even younger age kids are nowadays utilizing the technology in their own way. Social media, useful interactive link has made the life of a common man very much easier. It will have a great Impact on the life of human being when we move forward to the next 2020. There will be more luxuries of technology we will witness. Society has developed rapidly and nowadays modern societies are known as civilized societies, just because human being gets development with time. And now we can see we have special norms to live in a global village. We communicate with the societies of more than 7 billion people in the world, because of our social norms, customs and traditions which are going to be developed with the time. Education is getting more advancement day by day, we have history of human course when man was known as illiterate and selfish in the society. But in the 21st century, this is the same man biologically who has access to stars and space just because of the development of education. A well-educated future is on our way in 2020, where everyone will be more educated and hopefully there will be almost 0 illiteracy rate around the globe. Business was the thing which was done on the basis of food and jewelry, it is the business in modern age which is easily done by using latest technologies, where everyone can utilize technology for its business. It’s much easier than ancient times, where the age of dark was not supporting business. But now as we are approaching towards 2020, the business is getting easier with the time involving innovation and creativity where the customer can easily access in the market even at home. Everything is available on the clicks of a computer. These are some of the things we are having at the year 2012; now imagining the things like these at 2020 gives a real energy like fresh air around. I can see the easier ways of involving technology, education, business and our society bringing closer than ever in 2020. Things will be much more innovative and these things are going to make a huge impact on our life. Our life style will be much more developed and innovative. Nowadays we are living the life as a Global citizen where our world is like a global citizen, everyone is using technology to get education, to modernize, to learn new things and using research we are shaping our future. Yes with our own hands we are shaping our tomorrow. It will be more bright and more civilized , where we will live the culture of nonviolence and peace.

TO CHANGE FOR MORE SUSTAINABLE FUTURE” - Present the most important trends, requirements, ideas, products, developments, initiatives, companies that are essential for protecting the planet, societies and helping us to survive The Age of Uncertainty

Yes even in 21st century we are having so many problems to cop up for our own future, for the future of our planet. But these are the difficult things but not impossible. Everything can be setup easily. I have some ideas that may be used to change the scenario. First of all, I will again highlight the fact of the importance of the Youth, who is the solution itself. Youth can change these problems; we have to take these issues as opportunities given to us to show case our skills and experiences to excel in the best way to create a more sustainable future. Youth should be the agents of behavioral change to bring a change in society. It’s only possible if they bring change in themselves first then they can influence others with their positive attitude and behavior.
We have to develop an attitude that can impact globally. Attitudes grow in and make trends and these trends get so deep rooted in the society that it is very difficult to change them. Societies are not perfect. Why? Because the wrong attitudes continue to be experienced without curious, without the willingness to bring change, without thinking about improvement and without reflection. We are the solution itself. One of the idea that always click my mind, even when I was there in Global Volunteers Conference in Budapest Hungary, representing my nation on that esteemed platform, I expressed myself very well. The people there were talking about the implementation of the MDGs and how can they manipulate those MDGs in the living of society. But I was someone, who talked about one more MDG for the future of the world, for the sustainable future of the planet. That was my idea. I show my deep intentions and sadness over the loss of human beings anywhere in the world. Human beings are killing human beings for what reasons? Just for their own interest. My idea was “All the countries having nuclear status should voluntarily withdraw from the nuclear status as soon as possible, because we cannot guarantee our development under the weapons of mass destruction. How can we? We have already seen what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where thousands of innocent human beings were pushed to death. So please withdraw from nuclear status. This initiative must be taken as soon as possible.
One thing is most important for sustainable development and to stop the planet from increasing temperature, we should work hard for the green world. We have to protect greenery and trees around us. They are very much important for us. We should protect them as they are protecting us. More greenery more safety! This will save us from many devastating disasters like flood and land sliding.
We should not pollute our beautiful world. We need to work hard for the campaign against all types of pollution: air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution or any of its type. This is in our hand, we should make our world as clean as we make our own house cleaned. This is wonderful way of living life, “Choose same for others as you want something chosen for you”
Stop wars and violence; adopt the culture of peace and nonviolence where everything should be at its best. This is only possible when we give respect to others. We may have different opinion but remember we have same world. We have same history. I don’t know how people get time to hate others and fight with them, because this life is too much small to share happiness.
All the companies who are working for humanity purpose or for the development of planet should be there to work harder for the generations and safety of the world. This is our world, like our home so we have to protect it for the sustainable development.

• “TO IMPACT FOR MORE INCLUSIVE FUTURE” The best social entrepreneurship ideas, projects, NGOs... With great tangible impact
My future is going to be great because I totally believe on humanity and mutual respect and same the future is going to be in luck of my World. Social entrepreneurship is wonderful thing that should be carry in our society where all the youth should get same chances and equal opportunities to empower themselves for the change they want to see in the world. Capacity building and enhancement of the skills of the Youth is much important need of the time.

We have to work for the empowerment of Youth; we all have to do something for this uncountable power of youth. Youth are the future of the world
Experience is something that you collect, a one valuable asset. Experience is neither good nor bad. It is just Experience. It is a result of growth. Pass your experience to those who will mostly likely be involved in benefitting from it. Pass it to children, youngsters and the youth. Adult learning in our society is not appreciated. Change that. You don’t have to give classes and trainings to achieve this. When you meet some-one casually, at parties or other gatherings, bring up the discussion. You will find changes in yourself within some days.
Media needs to focus more on airing free programs such as distance learning and adult learning to bring about change by discussions, by free sessions on TV focusing on changing societal attitudes in Pakistan to build cognitive and intellectual skills of Youth. They should invite youth from all segments of life in a roundtable conference or a show and let them discuss about issues of Pakistan. Go ahead and AIR ON their discussions so that the one who are in power and the one who are in dark can come to know our thoughts.
Volunteers and councilors can set up free courses by asking the youth of the area to participate to educate the women in their area making them realize the importance of building a child’s wide-ranging comprehensive abilities. Volunteers should inspire others with their good work. Volunteerism is a great spirit that can really make difference.
Teachers should encourage students to ask questions during lessons and also ask students analytical and opinion based questions at the end of the lecture.
Adults should encourage youth to ask questions not vice versa. And the youth should also remember to ask questions with respect for elders in mind.
Make the youth in the society realize that bringing a change towards a positive direction is essential. Letting go of old ideals and attitudes is very difficult but reflecting on them will make them realize that they are wrong. Positive learning to change mindset is as important as youth’s change of perspective and realization of a collective vision and drive.
Volunteer is any person who helps others without any personal gain and profit. One of my favorite saying about Volunteerism is:
“Volunteers are non-paid not because they are worthless,
It’s just because they are priceless”.
I request youth of world to volunteer yourselves for your own future and save world from these corrupt ‘political robbers’. I used this term because I have serious concerns on them due to their character showed to fool the nation by them. They are the one who ruins the future of youth. They are just exploiting youth for their political benefits. What are we youth getting from them?? Any benefit as individual or as a whole?? Youth have to take charge of their future. No one should be there to decide for yourself until you have deep courage for the sustainability in your life. Oh Youth! Wake up please. This is our time.
This is not a one handed show. We all have to contribute our part for a positive change within ourselves and a country that blessed us with so many things. Humans have the power to influence, power to reason, power to bring about positive change. We should focus on how to change attitudes to build intellectual and leadership abilities.
We all have to take part in all mini and mega projects. Youth led projects will impact at great deal. Youth is the future.
It’s nice to see working of the social, Youth led, and other humanitarian organizations. In my point of view those who work for other’s safety and development should always remain alive in the societies and communities.
In the end, as they say the only constant in life is change. Change is happening the very moment I am writing this, the very moment you are reading it. But to determine the direction of change, whether positive or negative is in our capacity and on the shoulders of the youth of Pakistan. Actions can bring attitude change and over a period of time, the change would be visible and measureable in the form of a trend. Be the Trend setter, be the change. Act Now for this is the only moment you have. Live the moment, they will be memory tomorrow.

19th March, 2012 @ 2:34 AM CEST

arif khan


arif khan

very well said, I am also a volunteer and believe me when serving the needy it gives alot much satisfaction.........try this all of will find peace of mind in there.........

23rd May, 2012 @ 1:37 PM CEST

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