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ngan nag


ngan nag

Amy: Also.. What are a few tips and traps for dealing with a high-activity site?

Ransack: Cache. Store. Reserve. In the event that you can make it ahead of time, do it. A great many people needn't bother with any customization, so make the page once and give the following 10,000 individuals a similar page.

Amy: Oh and ASL?

Loot: I don't know American communication via gestures. I scarcely communicate in English.

[Pffft ya newbie]

Amy: You made SlashDot and yes, I wish I had a similar thought. Is it true that you are uber rich at this point? Did you pitch the site to some huge combination and resign at 21 years old to your own particular island?

Ransack: I am not uber rich, but rather I got to purchase my first alpha monster house at like 23. Still haven't paid of the home loan however. And keeping in mind that we sold to corporate overlords, I'm 31 and still no place close retirement or an island. . -monster-advanced/

27th February, 2017 @ 7:29 AM CEST

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