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Ardis Rdis


Ardis Rdis

Also a violation of temperature in the scrotum occurs in max gain xtreme the absence of the possibility of the natural thermoregulation of the scrotum that occurs when wearing tight underpants, jeans with a long stay in a sitting position. 7. the rational mode of sexual life in the old manuals infertility indicated that frequent sex impair semen fertilizing capacity by reducing the number and appearance of young forms of spermatozoa. rare sex increases sperm count, but they contribute to aging, which also degrades the fertilizing capacity of the ejaculate. therefore, the best considered mode of sexual max gain xtreme activity with a 3-5 day abstinence. it is now established that for those men with low sperm concentration, one-day abstinence can be recommended as a way to increase the number of sperm per milliliter of ejaculate, but a longer renunciation of sex contrary, worsens sperm characteristics. "on the second day of abstinence in the semen of patients suffering from infertility, begins the process of degradation," - said dr. eliahu levitas of the university medical center of the city of beer sheva, israel. as established in the course max gain xtreme of research levitas and his colleagues to study 9489 semen samples from 6008 men found that sperm concentration peak occurs one day of abstinence, maximum - in two days. in the future, the sperm characteristics are only getting worse. this does max gain xtreme not apply to men with normal semen analysis, in which sufficient condition for fertilization semen stored and after a week of abstinence. for these patients, the maximum in terms of fertility interruption in sexual activity, according to israeli academics, is 10 days.

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17th August, 2016 @ 8:57 AM CEST

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